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Revenue Sharing

Node AI proudly introduces an innovative Revenue Sharing model, epitomizing fairness and communal profit distribution. This system transforms users and contributors into stakeholders, rewarding their engagement with the platform's financial success.

How It Works

Staking $GPU Tokens

Users can join the Revenue Sharing program by staking $GPU tokens, the proprietary currency of Node AI. Staking is the act of securing a certain token amount within the platform, signifying dedication and contributing to the ecosystem's growth.

Revenue Generation

Revenue is accrued through diverse streams, such as fees from AI node rentals, charges for on-demand GPU resources, and income from offering AI API endpoints to businesses and developers.

Profit Distribution

A dedicated share of Node AI's revenue is allocated for distribution among all Revenue Sharing participants. This is proportionally based on the quantity of $GPU tokens staked per user, ensuring an equitable sharing of proceeds.

Key Benefits

  • Passive Income: Stakeholders of $GPU tokens receive passive income, a cut from the Node AI's operational profits.

  • Community Empowerment: Our Revenue Sharing model financially engages the Node AI community, granting members a tangible interest in the platform’s triumph.

  • Enhanced Security: Revenue Sharing promotes long-term investment and, by extension, augments the Node AI ecosystem's security and robustness.

  • Transparency and Trust: Node AI's decentralized framework promises clear visibility on revenue flows and distributions, fostering trust among its community.

  • Incentivized Participation: Earning prospects through Revenue Sharing attract more users to actively partake and contribute, thus nurturing a virtuous cycle of communal benefits.

Node AI is committed to a transparent and rewarding system that not only sustains its platform but also cherishes and elevates its community members.