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The complete guide for renting and lending GPUs

Learn everything you need from NodeAI, from our company to renting and lending GPUs for your AI or gaming projects and start earning passive income.

Welcome to NodeAI

Top notch features

Revenue Sharing

Learn more about our Revenue Sharing model. This system transforms users and contributors into stakeholders, rewarding their engagement with the platform's financial success.

Layer 1

NodeAI is at the vanguard, introducing a specialized Layer 1 (L1) blockchain designed to streamline the distribution of tasks across a decentralized network of nodes.


We provide clients with bespoke access to computational resources such as GPUs, CPUs, RAM, disk storage, and more, encapsulated primarily within Docker containers.


Becoming a node provider on NodeAI involves a clear and secure setup process. Follow these steps to prepare your node for our network.

Staking $GPU Tokens

We offer "Stake and Earn ETH" feature that rewards users with Ethereum (ETH) for their engagement and long-term commitment to the platform.

On Demand Nodes

Node AI is reshaping the landscape of computational resource, offering a scalable and flexible solution for users with varying computational demands.

Check out our endpoints

Lender API

We integrate several key components within its ecosystem to ensure seamless operation and communication. Here's a brief overview of these elements and how they interact

Node Availability

Stay informed about the status and availability of our nodes with just a click. Our endpoint provides up-to-date information, ensuring you always know which nodes are active and ready.

Future features

Stay tuned for exciting updates!

Our architecture

Hardware Architecture

Our foundation is its state-of-the-art GPU farm, designed to exceed expectations.

Software Architecture

Our software architecture is crafted with precision, focusing on optimizing GPU acceleration.

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