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NodeAI System Components Overview

NodeAI integrates several key components within its ecosystem to ensure seamless operation and communication. Here's a brief overview of these elements and how they interact:


Lender API

  • Purpose: Facilitates communication between individual nodes and NodeAI's internal state, ensuring efficient management and operation of lending functionalities.


  • Description: The consumer-facing application that users interact with. Here, users can connect their wallets, set up account information, and manage their interactions with NodeAI's services.

Telegram Bot

  • Functionality: Manages the operations of NodeAI's Telegram bot, providing users with an alternative interface for interacting with NodeAI services, including support and notifications.

Communication and Database

  • Unified Database: All applications within the NodeAI ecosystem are connected to a singular database, ensuring consistent and centralized data management.

  • Redis Pub/Sub: For internal communication, NodeAI employs Redis's publish/subscribe messaging paradigm. This setup enables near real-time messaging across the Lender API, Frontend, and Telegram Bot, fostering swift and coherent system-wide communication.

This architecture not only promotes operational efficiency but also enhances the user experience by providing real-time updates and interactions across NodeAI's various platforms.